Dio's page

This page is not under-construction, as I simply never intend to finish it

Welcome to my page, LULZ! DO NOT OPEN THIS LINK

Things that I like to do:
[9/07/21, 16:55]
Updated the blog page of the site, feel free to check it out.
[8/07/21, 11:23]
Been a while since my last update, but I was flooded with work,
and had no time to get back to this.
The home page of the site is getting quite bloated,
so I opted to make different pages for stuff,
they're quite self explanatory.
[27/06/21, 23:08]
So, this is my first time updating the site in a while,
I've figured out more CSS stuff so expect the site to just look a bit more readable,
but either way thank you for stopping by,
it goes without saying that the site is work in progress.

I'll stand with you no matter what lil' fella